Josh Kruger

Josh has been with Eagle Construction for three years and has worked in the construction industry for most of his life. His experience and visionary mindset has provided exceptional leadership and ongoing growth as a company and team.

Get to know Josh

What is your favorite thing about working at Eagle?

My favorite thing about working for Eagle Construction is being able to take projects from just and idea to opening the doors on move in day. We are involved in every step of the project from start to finish and it is a great feeling when you can put your name on a project when it is finished.

What is your favorite company or person to follow?

Elon Musk is definitely my favorite person to follow. I follow SpaceX, Hyperloop, The Boring Company, and Tesla that are all companies that he has either started or is involved with. He continues to do the impossible and invents new ways to push the envelope on transportation and space every year.

What was your first job?

My first job was actually here at Eagle Construction. I started as a laborer in the field doing mostly jobsite cleaning, organizing materials, and helping superintendents with day to day activities.

Where is your “happy Place”?

My “happy place” is being at home with my wife Molly, daughter Ali, and two dogs Sam and Bentley. Spending time with them is what I look forward to every day.

What has been your favorite project with Eagle so far?

The Heights in Vermillion, SD has been my favorite project with Eagle Construction. It was the first project that I was able to take from initial design to opening day. I learned a lot while working with our team at Eagle as well as all of the designers and engineers involved.

What’s a fun fact about you that may surprise us?

I am a car nut through and through. Any chance I get, I am either working on my car in the garage or washing it even when it doesn’t need to be cleaned. My wife is probably sick of me constantly watching car videos on YouTube and constantly ordering parts for my car but I am lucky she lets me enjoy my hobby.   

How do you define success?

This is a tough one because everyone views success in different ways. For me, success comes from having the passion to be better, learn from your failures, and create your own opportunities.

What is something you’ve never done, but would like to do?

Take a ride in a hot air balloon.

What piece of advice would you give someone wanting to make a career in the construction industry?

There are three main pieces of advice that I would give someone wanting to be in the construction industry:

1. Learning the basics of construction before making a career in the industry goes a long ways.

2. You need to always be willing to listen and learn every day you come to work.

3. Teamwork is key to successful projects.