While we are proud of the well-deserved reputation we have built as a leader in our industry, we are even more proud of the amazing relationships we have built with our clients and the communities we work with.

  • Tallgrass VillageSpirit Lake, IA
    Kiley Miller
    President & CEO of the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation
    Eagle Construction came through with a beautiful facility that was completed on a well-planned timeline.

    They’ve worked hard to promote it to the community and they’ve certainly helped answer our need. Eagle Construction understands the needs of communities. They understand the potential programs that are available to create a viable model for market-rate apartments.

  • Prairie Trail VillageSheldon, IA
    Curt Strouth
    Director of Community Development for the city of Sheldon
    Eagle is phenomenal to work with.

    We just continue to have great communication with them. They don’t cut any corners, which is something we really appreciated. The quality of their work is amazing and you see that in all of their projects in other communities. Prairie Trail Village is no different. The curb appeal they put into these projects is top-end. Their team is great to work with. From a local level, they’re just very professional. For Sheldon, it’s a game-changer.

  • Westbrook VillageYankton, SD
    Brian Steward
    Yankton Finance Manager
    Steve is very open-minded, and he worked to make this happen.

    We’d have Steve come down in a heartbeat to do another one. It wouldn’t be a hard decision for us at all. Steve told us, ‘This is what I’m going to do,’ and did it far beyond what he said he was going to do.

  • Wheatgrass VillageHuron, SD
    Kenneth Rutledge
    President and CEO of Dakota Provisions
    We consider Steve a very, very important part of our success here in Huron because he brought some desperately-needed housing to the community.

    We couldn’t get a developer interested in coming in and helping us until Steve showed interest and came in and built Wheatgrass Village. 

  • Windcrest VillageSpencer, IA
    Bob Fagen
    Finance Director, City of Des Moines, Iowa
    Steve came in and did quite a bit of homework, and he had a lot of statistical data to tell us how it would work. We were really impressed with that.

    We were impressed with how easy it was to work with Eagle. Their model appears to be one of the few companies in the state of Iowa that have found a way to build apartment buildings in rural areas. There seemed to be gaps every time we talked to someone, but Steve was able to figure it out.

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